Writing Prompt Winner: KM Slemons


Photo and prompt can be viewed here.

Prompt: His heart pounded ever louder in his chest as he watched her ascend. Where would it take her? And would it be better there? Surely it would…

KM’s Story:

Anguish slashed his heart as he knelt beside her. Drake had never prayed before, but as he watched her colorless form grow still, turned his tear streaked face heavenward and chanted, “Please don’t take her from me. She’s all I have.”

Her translucent eyelids quivered for a moment before opening. “Drake?”

“Ella, I’m here.”

Her cerulean eyes focused on his face and her gray lips twitched a smile. “It’s time.”

Fresh tears streamed down his cheeks. He pleaded, “No Baby, stay with me.”

She stared intently into his eyes. “You must not cry. Where I go, you cannot follow. Not yet. Your time is not yet complete here.”

He strangled on the sob that rose within his throat. “I cannot live without you!”

“You must.”

To his disbelief, the darkened forest exploded with a brilliant, golden light. The leaves of the trees above rustled, and he gasped as a golden liquid form appeared before him with outstretched wings that were blindingly beautiful. The creature spoke with the melody of a flute, “You will behold her beauty once again, friend. You must complete your journey in this realm so that you may learn and love in the next.”

Ella sighed once and grew still, as the golden creature reached into her body and pulled her spirit into its arms. For the first time, Drake beheld her true beauty and it was breathtaking. She smiled a radiant smile and spoke with the voice of an angel, “I love you.”

“As I love you!” His heart pounded every louder. Broken, but mesmerized, he watched in awe as the creature flapped its wings once and ascended into the skies. Drake looked at her cold, motionless body. “Soon my love.” He kissed her cool lips and smiled with the hope of things to come.