BOD Writing Prompt Winner: Brea Behn

Our latest writing prompt winner was Brea Behn, author of YA Dystopian Romance, Wolves in the Woods.

You can view the original photo and prompt here on Facebook, and check out Brea’s winning story below!

Alex Tuoku was a slave, but brief moments like these — where he was able to give himself over completely to the music, even if for the entertainment of his captors — these were the moments he lived for. It was all he had. He’d always known he would never get off this planet, but today he was snatched up after his set and then everything changed.

“Who are you people?” Alex asked as the shuttle lifted into the air. The rescuer closest to him pulled a black helmet off revealing a tumble of blonde hair the same color as his own.

“Aliah! I thought I would never see you again.” Alex said pulling his twin sister into a hug.

They were both crying when they pulled away.

“How did you find me?”

His twin sister smiled. “We’re twins silly. I’ve always known where you were. Sorry it took me so long to get here. I had to get some quinar together to buy a crew. It took some time.”

They chatted for hours about his shows, his fame all over the galaxy and his life as a captor. The shuttle landed suddenly then and the bay door opened.

Aliah put a hand to Alex’s face. “Now it’s your turn to be free Alex.” “Aliah what did you do?” Alex was held back as his twin backed off the ship and into the waiting arms of a pion. The scum of the trading world. It was hard to read his reptilian face, but Alex was pretty sure he was smiling.

“I will come for you Aliah!” The doors slammed shut blocking his view as his sister was escorted away.

In his head he heard her words like when they were little: “I know you will Alex. I will be waiting.”