Writing Prompt Winner: Katy Walker (Again)


Prompt: “Drive!” Annie shouted. She kept shooting as Maddox rushed to the driver’s side and peeled out, kicking up a storm of dust.

Original post and photo found here.

Katy’s winning story:

Never had she thought that her escape plan would fail so badly. She dug a few more shells out of the front pocket of her jean shorts and reloaded as the Alpha Regiment gave chase on rusted motorcycles. A megaphone stuck to the lips of the Captain exploded with words Annie didn’t want to hear.

“Annie, stop the vehicle and come quietly and no one will be harmed.” Annie rolled her eyes and fired another round, nearly connecting with the Captain’s mechanical steed. His glare burned holes in her own and she swallowed nervously.

“Maddox, please. Just go faster!” Her boyfriend didn’t reply, but the car swerved dangerously, throwing Annie to one side.

“Maddox?” She attempted to pull herself up with the edge of the truck bed. “Maddox!”

Motorcycles surrounded the truck as it veered off the road and slowed to a complete stop. Hands grabbed the gun from her grasp and the Captain held her as gingerly as a vice grip while he zip tied her hands together. Annie strained to see where Maddox was, but only saw some soldiers carrying a black body bag towards the car. Tears blurred reality and she tried to keep her eyes on her shoes.

The Captain held her chin, forcing her to look at him. “No one,” he flicked his eyes in the body bag’s direction, “takes my daughter from me.”

Annie glared venom back at her father, even though she knew he spoke truth. She would never get away from the regiment. With zip-tied hands and the soldiers of the regiment around her, Annie knew she’d have to wait for the next boyfriend to try to sneak her out. Maybe next time. The next boy to fall for her like a siren. It was never about love. It was about freedom.