BOD Writing Prompt Winner: Lee Ryder

Our Writing Prompt contest from January 9th was one of our most popular prompts yet. The image was downright creepy and certainly caught a lot of attention and pulled in quite a few entries. In the end, we chose Lee Ryder as the winner! Read her story below.

View the original (and super creepy cool) photo prompt here. The prompt reads:
I looked up from my breakfast and saw them. With my heart drumming in my chest, I managed to say, “We’ve got company.”

Lee Ryder’s winning entry:

I looked up from my breakfast and saw them. With my heart drumming in my chest, I managed to say, “We’ve got company.” I told my wife to take the children to the secret room as I stood to meet our ‘visitors’ at the door. I knew why they were here.

I heard my wife let out a small yelp as three loud raps were heard at the door, shaking the whole house. I walked slowly to the door giving my wife time to secure the wall in place before opening the door.

Simeon Shackleroot, and Dartangnan Ravenwood were standing there dressed in their official Council’s clothing.

“Good morning,” I said. “What brings you to our neck of the woods?”

“You know why we’re here.” Simeon said snidely. “We’re here for the boy.”

“You mean Thomas?” I asked. “You’ve just missed him, he’s gone to school.”

“You’re lying.” Dartagnan said. “We already waited there. We’ve been watching him every day.”

“So you were going to take my son out from under my nose.” I spat. “So the Council has lowered himself to kidnapping?”

“We wouldn’t have to, if you would just follow the mandates.” Simeon retorted.

“What and sacrifice my only son to be a magical battery for the Chancellor? I think not. You’ll have to kill me first.” I shot back at them.

“This is how it has been done for thousands of years, the first born are sacrificed to t the council to grant them the protection they need from the outside world.” Dartagnan said angrily. “I had to give my daughter this year!”

“There are other means of protection.” I replied coldly. “Just as effective if not moreso. If the Chancellor wants my son he can stick it up his…..” I began. “You get my drift.”

“You could be brought up on charges.” Simeon threatened.

“Let them try, I’ll bring fifty other families with me and they’ll bring fifty more. The Chancellor is doing this to stay in power and rule our kind with fear. The time for change has come.” I threatened.

“You are looking for a war you cannot win.” Dartangan replied acidly. “You will destroy us all over a child.”

“Yes, I would kill a thousand men for my son. Any parent who says they wouldn’t, is lying.” I said stepping back into my house. “My doors are warded to prevent you from coming in without my invitation. So if you don’t mind my breakfast is getting cold.” I slammed the door in their faces and walked back into the kitchen trying to calm my shattered resolve. A war was coming, and I just became the commander in chief of the rebellion.