BOD Writing Prompt Winner: JaynetheScourge SlashImpaler

Last week, BOD Member known as JaynetheScourge SlashImpaler won our latest Writing Prompt! Check out the original prompt & photo here, and read the winning story below!

I knelt beside the railing, squinting to see through the surface of the murky water. A minute passed before I saw it again, but it was clearer this time. A ripple from the far end. Something was in the water.

The little wave of movement flowed across the surface towards me. A sleek head surfaced, hair darkened by the dive.

‘Did you find it?’ I called down.

Murph shook his head as he tread water.


I pressed my forehead against the cool metal of the railing and swore softly.

Murph pulled himself back onto the catwalk and wearily rubbed at the marks the goggles had left.

‘Give me ten minutes to rest and I’ll try again.’ I nodded in agreement. He’d been at this for hours. I didn’t know how much longer he could go on. I tightened the tourniquet a little. My leg had lost feeling a while back and my swollen foot had gotten a bluish quality.

The constant clatter and scraping from the other side of the door suddenly ceased. We both stopped breathing. Silence reigned for a long minute. Then the ringing thunder of metal striking metal echoed through our little watery chamber. They’d found a new way through the door. An excited wordless chatter rose up while whatever they’d found hit the door again. And again.

Murph pulled the goggles back on and dropped out of sight beneath the waves without a word. I peered into the depths after him, but all I saw were clouds of silt.