BOD Spotlight with D.L. Colon

Post by Angie Taylor

Thank you D.L. Colon for being a part of BOD’s author spotlight interview.  It’s a fun opportunity for the members to get to know you better.

It’s a pleasure to be here.  I want the members to get to know me better.  I’d like to thank you for taking the time to interview me and for giving me this opportunity.

D.L., why don’t you tell us how long you have been interested in writing, and what first inspired you to write?

I actually never was very interested in writing. When I was younger I found it too hard to do.  But in my high school days I wrote some poems and song lyrics. I didn’t consider it writing though, it was just a hobby.  Now writing has become something I love to do.

I find it immensely daring to write a book in a language that is not your native tongue.  Can you tell us where you got the guts to pull this off, and what has helped you to accomplish this?

Growing up, I actually liked my English classes. I didn’t pay attention to most of my other classes, but I did in English. I first started The Lost City before my last year of high school.  But when my laptop broke down I forgot about.  I remembered about it when an author I liked made the suggestion I should write my own book.

The things that have helped me accomplish writing a book in English are: the US friends I have made through the internet, and most of all, my friend, Christina Escue, who is my editor.

Tell us a little about Drake in The Lost City: Drake’s Revenge, and what the story is about.

Drake’s a Hybrid born from a love that shouldn’t have happened, between an Angel and a Demon.  In The Lost City: Drake’s Revenge, he deals with the loss of his parents, and how he can grow from being a cocky ass boy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself to a man who finds purpose in life and humanity.

The Lost City reads a lot like a fantasy sci-fi book, but the fact that a war between the angels and demons causes the destruction of the world, brings an apocalyptic thread to it.  Can you tell us where this idea came from?

I used to read the Bible when I went to church, and I always liked the idea of an apocalypse. When I started writing in my high school days, and I was trying to figure out what to write about, I remembered the apocalypse parts from the Bible that I really liked.  I have always been a gamer, so I decided to put both worlds in my head and this story came to be.

A couple of your characters in The Lost City have to learn to control their powers in order to find their true potential.  Do you believe people should control their actions, or do you think their emotions should allow them to act however they want?

I believe people have the option to do what they want to do, but I also think people should take responsibility for their actions. I think control is needed, but you must find it inside yourself and not let your actions dictate what will happen to you in the next stage of your life. I have been in control of my choices most of my life, but I had to learn things in a way not many will go through. In my case, I was forced to learn in order to survive, and not because I chose to. It was my only option.

What can we expect for Drake in the future, and where do you see your writing taking you?

Well, you can expect him to go through a lot of situations.  His part is never done, just like many of the characters in my story. We are at war after all, and anything can happen when you least expect it. I hope, in the future, that I can make a movie of the book, or a game.  But mostly I hope my writing will take me to events, help me meet new people, make trips to promote my books (hopefully), and have a peaceful life.

What are some fun facts you’d like all of us at BOD to know about you as a writer?

Hmm, funny. I don’t know.  But I like Japanese music. I listen to music while writing. It helps me concentrate. I don’t like the silence in my room when I write. I sing to the Japanese songs, even though I’m pretty sure I’m messing it up. 🙂

If you weren’t pursuing writing, what other job opportunities would you like to undertake?

Actually, it wasn’t in my plans to become writer.  I have a degree in culinary arts, and I would love to put that to the test.  I will someday.

Dayron, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you better.  Thank you for sharing your time and writing with us!

The pleasure is all mine, and thank you for the opportunity. I appreciate it. I hope we can do this again in the future.


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Life in the World was simple. As always there was war, poverty, power struggles and a new leader for different years, until 2014. That was when the trumpets were heard.

What many thought was the coming of God was, instead, a race for survival. The heavens opened up, not to receive new souls, but it opened to release the battalions of heaven’s warriors against a known enemy, The Demons of Hell. The Demons of Hell, led by Raphael, came with one thing in mind, Total Annihilation of The Angels of Heaven. The Angels of Heaven, led by Gabriel and given free reign by God, came with one thing in mind, Total Supremacy over The Demons of Hell. Since they needed neutral ground to fight against each other they used the one available, Earth.

Humanity was pushed to the brink of destruction during the war and people with abilities came to exist in the middle of the conflict. There was a decision made by each side to use one of their Lieutenants to gather intelligence from the enemy. The Angels chose Maria Faith for this task and Hell chose Simon Black. What neither side expected was for Maria and Simon to fall for each other. Even though they kept fighting the war for their sides on Earth, they were quickly losing interest in the battle. They decided to leave the war and build a life together. Both Heaven and Hell kept watch on them but left them alone until something happened. Maria became pregnant with Simon’s son. On top of everything else, the boy was half Angel and half Demon.

Heaven and Hell couldn’t let the boy live so they plotted to kill him. Maria and Simon, who named the boy Drake Blackfaith, found out about this before the attack and they took Drake to a Guild named Never Too Late. They left Drake with the Guild and a letter, which he was to be given on his 25th birthday. The day of the attack, instead of killing Maria and Simon, Heaven captured Simon and Hell captured Maria. Both of them were to be tortured into revealing the location of Drake. Both Heaven and Hell wanted him because of a prophecy that was passed down 600 years before that says….

On the eve of his 25th year, Heaven and Hell cannot do anything except hide, his wrath and hate cannot be stopped. Both of his sides will unite, to save or destroy what’s left of Earth. Heed my warning, for it will come to pass. Nothing can stop it, it’s just a matter of time…..
Now the year is 3014 and the war still rages on. Drake is approaching his 25th birthday and this is where our story begins…


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Hello Readers. My name isn’t really D.L. Colon, but it is a play off of my real name. I am 23 years old and live in Puerto Rico. I started writing my first novel last year and I just recently published it. For me writing was a learning experience because my first language is Spanish and even though I speak English pretty fluently, grammar is not my strong suit. It may surprise you, but until four years ago I hated reading. I found my love for reading, and my inspiration to write, when I read The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin.

I have a Culinary Arts degree, which I’m planning on using when I move to the US early next year. On an interesting note, I got the idea for my first book, The Lost City: Drake’s Revenge, from playing video games. I’m a gamer at heart, a writer by chance and a chef because it’s something I love. I’m currently writing my second novel, which is the second book in The Lost City series. I hope you all enjoy my first novel and continue on with the series when the rest are released.