BOD Writing Prompt Winner: Justin Vokey

Last week we launched a new contest – Writing Prompt. You can view the original post here. We posted a photo and challenged BOD members:

“You just woke up here. In 300 words or less, explain how you got here.”

We had a lot of great stories come in and the feature was so popular that many of you demanded we do it again! And we intend to do it weekly.

Our first winner, Justin Vokey, stood out with his originality and it’s our pleasure to share his story with you in case you missed it!

There is nothing worse than thirst. My skin had been empty for a day now. I checked the quiet world around me one more time, squinting at the hateful sun. There was no water of course. But I had to know if they had caught my trail.

I had stumbled upon this bizarre shelter, an old bus stuck in the ground like a pathetic imitation of a tree. Not that trees grew anymore. It was all just dust without the magic of water.

God, water would be so nice right now. I remember when there were streams of water just running along the ground. Free flowing water had turned from a reality into a fairytail for children.

They wanted water, the ones that followed. And the human body contained a lot of water. Between flesh and blood, I was a walking canteen. They were coming for my flesh and blood, and by God I would make them pay for it.